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I've been waiting to try Cassava for a long time now, but after having experienced rejection and long lines at Outerlands (see post HERE) I waited until after their expansion.  Having heard that this place gets crowded during weekend brunch, I was pleasantly surprised to see it only half full around 11a on a weekend.

The space is warm and open with lots of entertaining reading materials in case you want to enjoy a meal solo.

Quiche at Cassava-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
The best known item here is the quiche.  Mixed with a medley of veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, etc), its divine.  Buttery crust ( but not overly rich) with custardy insides.

Chorizo hash bowl made with fresh chunks of vegetables and nice runny egg.  Its not all super healthy - chunks of chorizo makes this a carnivore dish.  I wished it was a little more spicy or had some more chorizo.

Having been to Japan, this "Japanese breakfast" wasn't a new concept to me, but it was nice to see it available somewhere in the city.  Simple and comforting, this healthy breakfast had some of my favorites - natto (yum!), marinated pickled cucumbers, and seared ahi tuna.  Not exactly sure what to do with the runny egg, but I ended putting globs of the runny egg on top of my rice.  It worked well.  The miso soup was subtle and filled with plenty of lotus root and enoki mushrooms.

Address:                 Cassava
                                3519 Balboa St.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       brunch/American

Popular chomps:     Japanese breakfast
                                 liege waffle plate
                                 chorizo hash bowl

Chomp worthy:        Japanese breakfast

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