7x7 SF's (The Big Eat) List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die - 2013

Pin It Now! 7x7 SF's List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die 2013 List is out.  I noticed (like with Girl Scout cookies) they put out this list right at the time when New Year's resolutions start falling apart.  Anyways, with a new addition of 80 dishes, I'm hoping I'll be able to complete this year's list.  I'm kinda glad they took off some of the items (Slanted Door) and happy they acknowledge some oldies, but goodies (Art's and Molinari)  Some of these raised a questioning eyebrow (Hapa Ramen) and some were just no brainers (Craftsman and Wolves, State Bird Provisions).  Also, am I the only one who noticed a Betelnut dish is always on the list every year?  Sounds like one of the writers must live in the Marina.

(Click on the blue to see the corresponding post and what I've eaten so far!)

Here's the list:

1).    Sardine Chips at Rich Table
2).    Mac and Cheese at Citizen's Band
3).    Chicken Wings at San Tung
4).    Carnitas Taco at La Taqueria
5).    Chicago Dog at Da Beef
6).    Corned Beef Reuben on rye pan loaf at Bar Tartine's Sandwich Shop
7).    Princess Cake at Schubert's Bakery
8).    Mandilli al pesto at Farina
9).    Hash brown sandwich at Art's Cafe
10).  Gateau Basque at Piperade
11).  Jewish style artichokes at Locanda
12).  Stuffed falafel at Old Jerusalem
13).  Xiao long bao at Yank Sing
14).  Preserved lemon 6:10 at Coi
15).  Sugar Egg Puffs at Shanghai Dumpling King
16).  Hummus and house-made pita at Terzo
17).  Pizza Margherita at Una Pizza Napoletana
18).  Seasonal sformato at Cotogna
19).  Rebel Within at Craftsman & Wolves
20).  Angolotti dal plin at Perbacco
21).  Big Daddy ramen bowl at Hapa Ramen
22).  Quiche at Cassava Bakery and Cafe
23).  Ahmohk (curry fish mousse) at Angkor Borei
24).  Banana cream tart at Tartine Bakery
25).  Sloppy bun with an egg at Bun Mee
26).  Meatball, kale, and fregola soup at Claudine
27).  Bix Club burger at Bix
28).  Roasted chicken and bread salad at Zuni Cafe
29).  Amatriciana pizza at Ragazza
30).  Pupusas at Balompie Cafe
31).  Prime Rib at House of Prime Rib
32).  Chicken katsu and tofu buns at Izakaya Yuzuki
33).  The Brass Monkey at Little Star Pizza
34).  Parisian empanada from El Sur truck
35).  Salted-caramel ice cream at Bi-Rice Creamery
36).  Garlic pretzels at Absinthe Brasserie & Bar
37).  Pasta tasting menu at SPQR
38).  Pan-seared chicken livers at Serpentine
39).  Egg custard tart at Golden Gate Bakery
40).  Goat taco at El Norteno taco truck
41).  Angry Korean wings at Wings Wings
42).  Beef and cheese piroshka at Anda Piroshki
43).  Nojo sundae at Nojo
44).  Complete crepe at Galette 88
45).  Duck larb at Lers Ros Thai
46).  Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee ice cream at Humphry Slocombe
47).  Chicken wings at Aziza
48).  Seafood chowder at Bar Crudo
49).  Banana split at The Ice Cream Bar
50).  Rosemary, fiore sardo, and pine nut pizza at Pizzetta 211
51).  Pho ga at Turtle Tower
52).  Caldo tlalpeno at Nopalito
53).  Katsiki youvetsi at Kokkari
54).  Almond croissant at Thorough Bread & Pastry
55).  A dozen Sweetwater oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co.
56).  Fried plantain and black bean burrito at The Little Chihuahua
57).  Mission Burger at Mission Bowling Club
58).  Pork shoulder fried rice at Sai Jai Thai
59).  Fried Chicken Yum Yum at 4505 Meats
60).  Lamb tacos at El Huarache Loco
61).  The Crankshaft tuna melt at Machine Coffee and Deli
62).  Peking Duck at Hong Kong Lounge
63).  Chilaquiles Veronica at San Jalisco
64).  Manti at Troya Fillmore
65).  Renzo special at Molinari Delicatessen
66).  Vada pav at Dosa
67).  Meatloaf at The Blue Plate
68).  Foccacia at Liguria Bakery
69).  Omakase at ICHI
70).  Dogpatch Millionaire at Kitchenette
71).  Green onion buns at New Hollywood Bakery
72).  Sea urchin dish at Commonwealth
73).  The Boca at Deli Board
74).  Lobster xiao long bao at Benu
75).  Super carne asada burrito at El Farolito
76).  Faux gras ridged pasta at Acquerello
77).  Fried chicken at Foreign Cinema
78).  Jerk-spiced duck hearts at Alembic
79).  Biscuits at Brenda's French Soul Food
80).  Matzo ball soup at Wise Sons Delicatessen
81).  Pot Pie at Comstock Saloon
82).  Ikura at Ino Sushi
83).  Spicy miso ramen at Ramen Underground
84).  New York-style cheese slice at Tony's Slice House
85).  Pomme d'amour at Knead Patisserie
86).  Glazed roasted squab at Bodega Bistro
87).  Faith's warm ham and cheese toast at Town Hall
88).  Beggar's chicken at Betelnut
89).  Beef tongue at Namu Gaji
90).  Warm bread, artichoke, and crescenza salad at Jardiniere
91).  Cumin lamb at Spices! II
92).  Crispy potatoes at Plow
93).  Bun rieu at Soup Junkie
94).  Whole wheat flour carrot cake at Farallon
95).  Deviled eggs at Park Tavern
96).  St. Honore cake from Dianda's Italian American Pastry
97).  Lamb shawerma from Truly Mediterranean
98).  Banh mi at Irving Cafe & Deli
99).  California state bird at State Bird Provisions
100).Cracked Dungeness crab at Swan Oyster Depot

Guess I need to start getting my eat on...

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