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Another trip to the 4505 booth at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, this time for a Thursday lunch.  The first time was for their famous burger (see post HERE).  Seems like these days everyone is doing a fried chicken plate or a fried chicken sandwich.  Know for all things meat, I was a little surprised that 4505 decided to take a stab at their take on fried chicken. 

Fried Chicken Yum Yum at 4505 Meats-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
One bite says it all, a succulent, juicy piece of breaded, fried yum yum chicken between a lightly toasted pan de mie bun.  A house pickled slaw and some fresh market greens added a freshness to the sandwich.  The only gripe is the very generous spread of coriander aioli, which oozed everywhere and made it a 5+ napkin sandwich.  I think I actually prefer their chicken sandwich over their famous burger.

Whats a burger without some fries.  A different twist on fries with an Argentinian chili sauce with lemon parsley aioli.  It was crispy deliciousness halfway through until you realized how much oil sat at the bottom.

Address:                  4505 Meats                                       
                                 Ferry Building Farmers Market (Sat)                                       
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       American

Popular chomps:     burger
                                 fried chicken yum yum

Chomp worthy:       fried chicken yum yum 

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