El Tonayense taco truck

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One of the only reasons to go to Best Buy in the city is to stop by El Tonayense taco truck for some tacos.  There are actually a El Tonayense taco trucks on Harrison, but the Best Buy location makes for an easier parking option.  Unlike most taco trucks and food trucks, El Tonayense is guaranteed to at this location whenever your taco cravings occur as long as its M-Sun 9a-9p.
El Tonayense is probably one of my favorite taco trucks in the city because the food is consistently good and I don't have to chase it around the city.  A unique fact is that this taco truck is actually Michelin recommended.  Who even knew they rate taco trucks..
The menu includes most of the traditional meats and they haven't caved to the gluten free, tofu craze, yet.

From right; clockwise: al pastor, carne asada, carnitas.  While all the meats are tasty, my favorite and must order is their carne asada.  Juicy and flavorful without any gristly parts, the carne asada always hits the spot.

Address:                 El Tonayense Taco Truck
                                Harrison (by Best Buy)
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                      Mexico/food truck

Popular chomps:    carne asada tacos
                                al pastor

Chomp worthy:       carne asada tacos
                                al pastor        

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So far, so good.... i hope the thing doesn't get robbed.

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