The Mill

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Yes! Josie Baker Bread has finally rooted down a permanent home in the city.  Fresh baked bread (loaves cost $6) and my favorite coffee - Four Barrel in a one stop shop.   

Less than a month and it seems like everyone else has heard the news of this opening already.  Long lines for the coffee and long lines for the freshly cut toast made on Josie Baker Bread.  The space is large and open similar to Four Barrel in the Mission. 
With the menu item specializing in toast and Trouble Coffee's specialty toast (see post HERE), it seems like toast is the new "in" food.  That, and toast seems to be a popular hipster food.  Three types of toast are offered, but you can take home a freshly baked loaf for $6 and make your own toast.

The thick slice of country bread with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar is delightful.  The bread is fluffy with a springy texture.  Each bite has a sour aftertaste similar to a traditional sourdough.  Good, but not as good as Trouble's toast, where they lay on butter and cinnamon on thick as if calories don't exist.

The whole wheat toast is topped with the simple toppings of butter and honey.  Again, I wish they heaped on the toppings a little more, but the bread is so good, you just gobble it up anyways.  Similar to the country bread, the taste does have a little bite to it.  I need to remember to buy a couple loaves for myself and slather on some caloric goodness at home.

Address:                  The Mill
                                 736 Divisadero St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                        coffee/bakery/cafe

Popular chomps:      loaves of bread
                                  Four Barrel coffee

Chomp worthy:         loaves of bread
                                  Four Barrel coffee   

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