Tartine Bakery

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 Tartine Bakery is one of those places that can do no wrong.  Literally everything is good.  The only problem is that everyone else knows it too.  There is always a line and the chances of your favorite pastry being sold out is pretty high so you need to be ready to name off your back up choices.  Having been to Tartine Bakery more times than I want to admit, I like (in order) the almond croissant, morning bun, and the bread pudding.  I've never found anything I didn't like there, but one of the three (if I'm lucky, all of them) seem to make it home with me on every visit.

Tartine Bakery's morning bun is one their most favorite and well loved pastries.  It took me three visits to get my hands on one of these babies.  Well worth it too!  Perfectly flaky layers dusted with sugar granules that give it a sweet, unexpected crunch.  As you get closer to the fluffy center, you get hints of orangey flavor.

The frangipane croissant was a first for me on this visit.  It reminds me more of a tart than a croissant with a dense crust.  Its topped with a generous sliver of almonds and tart dried berries, which I think are currants.

Banana cream tart at Tartine Bakery-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
This is the first time I've had a banana cream tart.  A mound of whipped cream with gorgeous chocolate shavings hide the fresh slices of bananas.  Topping off sweet perfection is the flaky tart.  Perfect, sweet, but not too sweet.  You just can't expect anything less from Tartine Bakery.
FYI - they don't just make great pastries and cakes, they make some awesome bread that is sold fresh from the oven after 5p (see my post HERE).

Address:                 Tartine Bakery
                                600 Guerrero St.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       bakery

Popular chomps:     banana cream tart
                                 bread pudding
                                 almond croissant
                                 morning bun
                                 loaf of bread
Chomp worthy:        everything     

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