Little Star Pizza

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I'm back again at Little Star Pizza, this time to taste The Brass Monkey.  Last time I had the Classic (see post HERE) and I wasn't too impressed.  Thin crust probably will forever and always be my first love, but I'm trying to be open minded about other types of pizza, even though it seems wrong to eat a pizza with a knife and fork.

The Brass Monkey at Little Star Pizza-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
The Brass Monkey isn't actually on Little Star's menu.  Its their Little Star Pizza (spinach, ricotta, feta, mushrooms, onions, and garlic) topped with sausage.  As always, their buttery cornmeal crust is always delicious.  The taste reminds me a little of Pizzeria Mozza's pizza crust (see post HERE).

The sausage on this pizza could be a little bit more generous, but after being disappointed by the taste of the Classic, the Brass Monkey had a lot more flavor.  So I'm admitting this pizza is pretty good, even better the next day after the flavors soak in, but I'm not giving up my beloved Pizzeria Delfina (see post HERE) any time soon.

Address:                Little Star Pizza
                               400 Valencia St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      pizza

Popular chomps:    The Little Star
                                The Brass Monkey
Chomp worthy:      The Brass Monkey        

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