Anda Piroshki

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331 Cortland is home to not just Anda Piroshki, but four other food shops.  Its almost like a (very) mini Ferry Building. 

Anda Piroshki sells Russian and Ukrainian delicacies, specifically piroshkis, but they do sell borsch!  Piroshkis are sometimes baked, but more commonly fried buns filled with a variety of fillings.  Most of the piroshki I've eaten are the fried variety, but at Anda Piroshki, they take the healthier baked method.  They come in a variety of stuffings and shapes.

Beef and cheese piroshki at Anda Piroshki-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
One of the more commonly seen piroshkis are the beef and cheese fillings.  Anda Piroshki's piroshkis' are perfectly, fluffy clouds of doughy goodness.  I could eat just the outside and be happy.  They remind me of Chinese baked pork buns.  The inside, however, is a little too salty for me.

One bite into the beef and cheese piroshki and you can see the bun to filling ratio.

Among the variety of flavors, Anda Piroshki shapes their dumplings into cute shapes.  This salmon and cheese piroshki is shaped like a fish!  You have to pause a moment to take in the cuteness of the pastry before biting off the head.

The bun is similar to that of the beef and cheese with a thumbs up fluffy shell, but a sadly similar salty filling.  Though, the salmon and cheese piroshki does have a good salmon flavor.

Address:                   Anda Piroshki
                                  331 Cortland Ave.
                                  San Francisco, CA

Type:                         Russian/bakery

Popular chomps:       beef and cheese piroshki
                                   spinach and mushroom piroshki    

Chomp worthy:          nothing    

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