Bun Mee

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Bun Mee is located on Fillmore, which means premium prices on premium property.  At almost $7 for a Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi), this place stretches my banh mi budet to the extreme.  I've walked passed this spot many times with no curiousity to go in, except now, only to strikethrough another item on the 7x7 2013 Big Eat list.  It's more fushion than Vietnamese so don't be surprised when you see people ordering a side of fries or sweet potato fries with their banh mi.  The restaurant is pretty busy, but not sure how much of the clientele has actually had a real banh mi or knows how much they are really supposed to cost. 
Sloppy Bun with fried egg at Bun Mee-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
The sloppy bun looks like a riff off of a sloppy joe with red curry ground beef, house garlic aioli, shaved onion, thai basil, and jalapenos.  A fried egg is recommended with this sandwich and no one needs to ask me twice about adding a runny egg to anything.  First of all, all the ingredient would seem like it would create a burst of amazing South Asian flavors, but its very bland and a little oily.  The jalapeno is spicy, though.  Although I think they meant for the fried egg to be runny, it came cooked through.  I overheard the expediter saying my sandwich should have had the egg over easy, but to let it go since they didn't want to remake it.  Bad execution and bad flavors for a ridiculous price means no thanks. 

Hanoi style fried catfish with red curry aioli, shaved onion, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber, jalapeno, and cilantro.  The catfish was lightly fried and mild tasting, but smelled like it wasn't very fresh or perhaps previously frozen.  Even so, this sandwich was better than the sloppy bun, but that doesn't say much.

Address:                Bun Mee
                               2015 Fillmore St.
                               San Francisco, CA  

Type:                      Vietnamese/sandwich

Popular chomps:    crispy catfish banh mi
                                sloppy bun with egg

Chomp worthy:       nothing         

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