Trouble Coffee Company

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This coffee shop is a hipster haven in the middle of the Sunset.  Located by Outerlands (see HERE), Trouble Coffee is  a nice alternative if you can't bear the 2 hour wait.
Their combo called "build your own damn house" comes with a coffee, young coconut, and a piece of cinnamon toast.  The combo works as a hangover cure and really hits the spot after a "late night" with the caffeine to wake you up, the bread to soak up whatever is left in your stomach and the coconut juice to hydrate.
The coffee is smooth with a slight sweet aftertaste.  They also roast their own beans here.
They use the exact coconuts you can buy at Ranch 99 for less than half the price they sell it here for, but it came with the combo and I needed to satisfy my curiosity on this coconut and coffee combination.  It's an odd thing to serve at a coffee shop and even stranger to see hipsters sitting on a side of the street in Sunset sipping on coconuts, but its a refreshing beverage to help wash down the coffee and cinnamon toast.
The cinnamon toast is cut from a fresh loaf when you order.  The thick piece of bread is generously slathered with butter and heavily sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  The bread is nice and thick so you can really sink your teeth into it. 
For the non coffee drinkers, Trouble has other options besides their coconut juice.  Hot chocolate is one.  Its more on the milky side with a very mild chocolate flavor.
There are other toast options as well.  Nutella toast!  Who doesn't love nutella?  Especially slather all over a thick piece of toast.
Just a close up view of the thickness of the toast.
Address:                   Trouble Coffee Company
                                  4033 Judah St.
                                  San Francisco, CA 
Type:                         coffee/brunch

Popular chomps:       build your own damn house
                                   cinnamon toast
                                   nutella toast
                                   peanut butter and honey toast
Chomp worthy:          build your own damn house
                                   cinnamon toast
                                   nutella toast

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