Sketch Ice Cream

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After a long hiatus, Sketch has resurrected a couple blocks down from their former 4th Street location.  The winter chill has been settled in, but that has never stopped me from indulging in some ice cream.  I'm not usually a fan of soft serve ice cream, but Sketch's ice cream has a little more solidity than most soft serve ice creams.

Their minimalistic interior reminds me a little of Craftsman and Wolves (see post HERE).  They sell other nibbles like olive oil cakes, shortbreads, and even empanadas. 

Their famous Earl Grey ice cream was all sold out so vanilla bean on their housemade waffle cone was the next best option.  First of all their cone is just amazing!  Its small and wide so the ice cream touches every bit of the cone.  The waffle cone is light and kept it crisp to the last bite.  The flavor of the vanilla bean is clean and subtle.

Burnt caramel is one of the other popular flavors at Sketch.  Each bite is creamy and smooth with a strong salted caramel flavor - similar to Bi Rite's salted caramel (see post HERE).

Address:                   Sketch Ice Cream
                                  2080 4th St.
                                  Berkeley, CA 
Type:                         ice cream/dessert

Popular chomps:      earl grey
                                  burnt caramel

Chomp worthy:         burnt caramel  

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