Sai Jai Thai

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Pad thai.  Not particularly tasty, but its one of my main staples I order when trying out a new Thai place.  The search continues for a good pad thai in SF...
Pad Kee Mao with pork.  A stir fried flat rice noodles with cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions, basil, and bell peppers served in a spicy sauce.  I ordered this "Thai Spicy" and this came out pretty mild.  Maybe a 5/10 spiciness. Extremely oily and bland.
Kad pad kor moo yang (pork shoulder over fried rice)  - #58 on 2011 7x7 100 Things to eat in SF
Kao pad kor moo yang.  Probably Sai Jai's best known dish - pork shoulder with spicy sauce over fried rice.  The fried rice was pretty good, but the pork shoulder was even better.  Each piece was marbled with fat so you get a nice taste and texture in each bite.  The spicy sauce isn't spicy at all - more tangy than spicy.  You can get the pork shoulder over a salad or just order it as a meat ala carte dish, which I think I will get next time I eat here.
Address:                     Sai Jai Thai
                                    771 O'Farrell St.
                                    San Francisco, CA 
Type:                          Thai

Popular chomps:         Kao pad kor moo yang (Pork shoulder fried rice)

Chomp worthy:           Pork shoulder

Random facts:             Pork shoulder over fried rice is #58 on 2011 7x7 Things to eat in SF

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