Bouchon Bistro

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Mmm.. you can never go wrong with a half dozen Kumamoto oysters.  Sweet, but slightly briny.
Moules.  Steamed mussels.  Fresh and delicious.
and frites!  Can't have moules without frites.  Bouchon probably has some of the best fries outside of McDonalds.  Thin, but crispy. 

As much as I love Thomas Keller, Bouchon has to be one of my least favorites.  While Bouchon bakery churns out some really great breads, Bouchon itself is very average.  If you MUST come here, I'd suggest going for brunch and/or getting the seafood platters.

Address:                           Bouchon Bistro
                                                 6534 Washington St.
                                                 Yountville, CA                                

Type:                                   French/casual/brunch

Popular chomps:     Croque Madame
                                                  fruits de mer

Chomp worthy:        fries        
Random facts:        Other locations include Beverly Hills and New York

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