Kwik Way Drive In

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Nestled right in the heart of the Lake Merritt area of Oakland is this retro burger spot.  It has the most random menu items - from enchiladas to fried chicken.
Kwik Way is supposedly known for their milkshakes.  I'm not even sure if they use real ice cream (highly doubtful).  Although it tastes pretty good compared to the rest of the food, you can tell from the picture its a syrup.
Nothing special about the fries here.  I think its sprinkled with parsley and has a slight garlic flavor, possibly from a garlic salt or powder. 
This burger is really unusual for a couple differerent reasons:  the patty is seasoned like gyro meat and the cheeseburger comes with white cheddar.  Really odd and doesn't really seem to work well.

Address:                       Kwik Way
                                      500 Lake Park Ave.
                                      Oakland, CA
Type:                            burger/casual      
Popular chomps:          milkshake
Chomp worthy:             nothing  

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