El Hurache Loco

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Hurache with cactus salad (nopales) - #60 on 2011 7x7 SF's top 100 Things to eat
Its always nice to try something different than the usual tacos, and burritos.  Huraches are a flat oval tortilla stuffed with refried beans.  This is my first time having hurache so I don't have much to compare it with.  I made a special trip to the Alemany Farmers Market (Saturday AM) just to taste one.  I chose the cactus (nopales).  The texture of the tortilla is kinda doughy and slightly chewy.  Its topped with jalapenos, diced bits of cactus, cheese, and cilantro.  Tasty, spicy, tangy, and full of flavor!

Address:                          El Hurache Loco
                                                various famers' markets
                                                1803 Larkspur Landing Circle
                                                Larkspur, CA 

Type:                                 Mexican/casual

Popular chomps:    Hurache nopales (cactus)

Chomp worthy:          Hurache nopales

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