Il Cane Rosso

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Its hard to say exactly what Il Cane Rosso.  Its a mix of Italian, American, sandwiches, and basically, carnage.  Although, I think one word best describes this place:  hearty.  All the dishes here let you walk away pretty satisfied and fulfilled.  The menu changes daily as well as for breakfast and lunch.  This place is one of the more popular spots in the SF Ferry Building (even though its hidden in the corner), so the lines do get quite long and the dishes sell out quickly throughout the day.  
Beef Stew - #4 on SF Foodie 92 list
Beef stew.  First of all, this does not come with bread.  You have to order it separately, which I recommend.  What's a beef stew without bread?  Also, its Acme bread (my favorite).  When this dish came out, I was expecting more of a chunky meat version versus their grounded beef take on beef stew.  Nevertheless, the stew is quite delicious.  Very comforting and homey.

Warm egg salad sandwich - #14 on 2012 7x7 Top 100 Things to Eat SF
The warm egg salad sandwich is another popular dish at Il Cane Rosso.  Its a simple dish of basic egg salad served on an open faced toasted bread.  Its put in the oven after prepping for a couple minutes to heat up the egg salad.

Address:                        Il Cane Rosso
                                              1 Ferry Bldg
                                              Ste 41
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                                 American/sandwiches/Italian

Popular chomps:   warm egg salad sandwich
                                                braised pork sandwich
                                                beef stew
                                               roast beef sandwich

Chomp worthy:       warm egg salad sandwich
                                               beef stew     

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