All Star Tamales

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Mmm..tamales...little packages of yummy goodness. Unfortunately for me, I don't have anyone to make these babies fresh for me anymore so I've had to resort to buying them.  The worst is buying them, only to unwrap them and find that they are either too dry or the meat/filling to masa ratio is disappointing.  All Star Tamales makes an appearance at a couple different Bay Area Farmers markets (Civic Center, Alamany, Walnut Creek, and Oakland)  through the week.  Also, these tamales are lard free! 
Red pork tamale.  Pork tamales are my benchmark taste test when it comes to tamales.  So tender and flavorful!  This tamale probably has the most amount of filling I've ever had in a tamale - super plus!  It comes with two sauces, but the shredded pork is so flavorful that the sauce is unnecessary.  Tip - If you buy them in cold and in bulk, it's cheaper.

Address:                     All Star Tamales          
                                    various farmer's markets
Type:                          Mexican/casual

Popular chomps:         green chile
                                     red pork
                                     spinach and cheese
                                     chicken mole
Chomp worthy:            red pork tamale

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