PPQ Dungeness Island

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It has been a couple months since crab season started and I'm almost embarssed to say this is the first time I've had crab since.  There are couple famous Asian (Vietnamese/Chinese) crab style places located in San Francisco. Thanh Long and Crustaceans are two of the mainstream popular restaurants for roasted crab, but most asian people tend to favor PPQ. 
PPQ provides a set menu depending on number of people, but we chose to just eat crab and the garlic noodles.

Roasted crab.  This is the dish that most people associate with Vietnamese style crab, which is what PPQ is known for.  The dish is a roasted whole crab with LOTS of garlic butter sauce.  Pretty messy, but PPQ supplies you with your own crab cracking utensils and a bib.  The crab meat is sweet and tender with nice touches of garlic butter.
Peppercorn crab.  I prefer this crab over the traditional roasted crab.  It has a lightly fried batter with whole peppercorns that gives the taste a slight peppery spiciness. 
Besides the crabs, PPQ is known for their garlic noodles.  Its pretty common to see garlic noodles served with roasted crab in these types of restaurants.  The garlic noodles here are delicious.  Super garlicy and buttery.  You almost have to stop yourself from gorging out on them.
After all that garlic, butter, and salty flavors, its refreshing to bite into some fried bananas and ice cream.  They give you two scoops of ice cream:  coconut and mango. 
Address:                      PPQ Dungeness Island
                                            2332 Clement St.
                                            San Francisco, CA

Type:                               seafood/Chinese/Vietnamese

Popular chomps:  set menu
                                             roasted crab
                                             peppercorn crab
                                             garlic noodles

Chomp worthy:      seabass
                                             peppercorn crab
                                             garlic noodles 

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