Galette 88

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Galette 88 is a little bit of a lunchtime trek.  Its obscure location in Downtown makes it seem like a hidden gem, but once you open the door the crowds make you feel like you are the last to know about this fantastic lunchtime option. 

The Complete at Galette 88-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
The Complete has emmentaler cheese, ham, soft cooked egg.  I wish the egg was a little more runny, but it still came out to be the perfect package.  Love the little crunchy bits of crepe on the side.  The size of the crepes are quite large and makes it a good sharing size, if you want to make room for dessert, which I highly recommend.

Smoked salmon in crepes is a love of mine.  Bruce's choice is smoked salmon, caramelized onions, capers, lemon-chive creme fraiche all folded into a freshly made buckwheat crepe.  All the ingredients are just so fresh and tasty.  Love the lightly tossed salads on top of all the savory crepes, which gives just enough acidity to break through the savoriness.  

Even after savory crepes, there is always room for sweet, dessert crepes.  A totally different crepe batter.  Light and airy with just a hint of sweetness then topped with Nutella, bananas, and powered sugar.  Let's face it, anything with Nutella will always be delicious, but the base of this crepe makes it even more delicious and hits the spot.  Hard to say which is better - the savory crepes or the sweet crepes.  Just get both!

Address:                  Galette 88
                                 88 Hardie Pl
                                 San Francisco, CA 
Type:                        French

Popular chomps:      the complete
                                  other mushroom crepe 
                                  bruce's choice
Chomp worthy:         bruce's choice
                                  the complete

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