L'epi D'or Bakery

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There's nothing more than I love than bread, except Asian breads.  L'epi Dór Bakery is another Asian bakery in the South Bay that serves up some Taiwanese and Japanese baked goods.  Along with various sweets, they do offer a wide selection of savory items, much more than at Clover Bakery (see post HERE) and Paris Bakery (see post HERE).

Up until this point, I've only eaten a couple of these savory Asian bun sandwiches so this fried chicken bun was something new.  Fried chicken strips along wtih crispy chunks cucumber that added even more crunch to the sweet, soft bun.  Pretty good, but I just wished that it was warm or served fresh.

 I've had the yakisoba bun at Clover Bakery and this one is completely different.  The yakisoba (fried noodles) is obviously made from the instant package you can buy at any Japanese market, but its still delicious.  Some added crunch or another texture would have been nice with this one.
With everything fried and stuffed into these mini sweet buns, its no surprise that a hash brown bun is offered here.  One hash brown patty is sliced in half then stuffed with a tomato and some slices of cucumber for crunch.  I really wanted to like this one, but its missing some sauce or another flavor to really kick it up.

Ah, the infamous spaghetti buns are also offered here.  Thin vermacelli noodles tossed in a sweet tomato sauce then stuffed into the bun.  L'epi D'or's version is topped with meatball instead of slices of hot dogs.  I prefer Clover's spaghetti buns to this one.  It seemed flavorless and the meat was dry. 

The fried bun with pickled mustard used the same fried buns that are usually found stuffed with curry.  This time its stuffed withe Chinese mustard greens that offer a little bit of sour, bitter, and crunch.

Address:                L'epi D'or Bakery
                               19675 Stevens Creek Blvd
                               Cupertino, CA 
Type:                      bakery/Asian/Japanese/Taiwanese

Popular chomps:    custard bun
                                bento boxes
                                milk bread 

Chomp worthy:       fried chicken bun
                                yakisoba bun    

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