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Finally after months of trying to get a reservation, I scored some weekday seats. I did notice that when Rich Table first opened seats were easily attainable, but now with all the recent press its impossible to get a table 30 days out.

Seems like these days the "in" bread is the levain bread.  Rich Table's own version is douglas fir levain bread.  Although I love and adore the slight bitterness from levain bread, I found this one to have a strange aftertaste.  Also, the bread is cut much too thick for my liking.  Loaves are available for $7.
Sardine Chips at Rich Table-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats

A new meaning to chips and dip.  Small fried fish are interwoven into a thinly sliced potato chip like a work of art.  Horseradish and chive dipping sauce with oddly placed arugula leaves.  Creative and fun. 

These fried porcini balls of dough are a savory take on doughnuts.  Although delicious and earthy, these doughnuts did get heavy and filling after the first one.

The chicken cannelloni along with the porcini doughnuts were probably my two favorites from this meal.  While the leaves looked strangely like something from my parent's garden, the pasta was delicious and the chicken tender and flavorful.

The pasta here is on the hard side of al dente.  The tagliatelle was mixed with dry aged beef, and charred cabbage.  Good, but felt like it was missing something.  Also, I wasn't so into the sprout topping.  While I love sprouts, I just didn't see the point and thought the dish could do without it.

Address:                  Rich Table
                                 199 Gough St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       American

Popular chomps:     sardine chips
                                 levain bread
                                 porcini doughnuts

Chomp worthy:        porcini doughnuts
                                 chicken cannelloni      

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