Jules Thin Crust

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Zachery's a household name and institution in all East Bay homes.  Its thick deep dish pizza has had deep rooted food memories for many people so in a way in makes me chuckle that Jules Thin Crust made its home across the street from Zachery's.  It's literally everything opposite of Zachery's - modern atmosphere, ultra fresh ingredients, and very thin crust.  In a town where pizza is literally everywhere from Cheeseboard (see post HERE) to Arinell's (see post HERE), its hard to see where a place like Jules Thin Crust.  Pizza is often thought of only having two categories: thin crust and deep dish, but Jules Thin Crust puts itself in a category of its own - the very thin crust.
Its hard to choose which slice to eat, but I suggest those with the fresh vegetables.  This veggie pizza was a special that was topped with ricotta cheese, spring peas, and mushrooms.  Crazy delicious, it tasted as if every vegetable was just picked straight out of the garden.

The "01" (left) was topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, organic tomato sauce, and mozzarella.  All the ingredients were fresh and flavorful.  While each slice was delicious, the meat ingredients tend to be a little on the oily side and weighed down the lovely thinness of the pizza.  The "06" was a thin crust with buffalo hormone free roasted chicken, gorgonzola, buffalo dressing, celery, arugula, mozzarella.  Loved the little slices of celery that gave the slice a fresh crunch.

Address:                 Jules Thin Crust
                                5804 College Ave.
                                Oakland, CA
Type:                       pizza

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