Orale Fish Tacos

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I'm still searching for a fish taco in the Bay Area like I had at LA's Ricky's Fish Tacos (see post HERE).  Orale's Fish Tacos is situated in the quiet suburb of Campbell.

With a plethora of seafood options, the only thing I wanted was the fish tacos.  Even just narrowing it down to fish, they had a choice of salmon, halibut, tilapia, and the breaded halibut.  One order of breaded halibut (right) and one tilapia (left) covered the basics.  Seemly similar orange Baja sauce and shredded cabbage topped each of the tacos, but the similarity stopped there.  The breading was too thick and overcooked.  Even with the breading, it didn't stop the unfresh fishy taste to peek through.  Same for the tilapia.  Chunks of white fish that tasted like they were prefrozen, even lime couldn't hide the fishy flavor.

Large chunks of shrimp cerviche piled on top of a crispy tostada.  Unfortunately, the plump shrimp only looked enticing, but the taste was far from. 

Address:                 Orale Fish Tacos
                                1750 Winchester Blvd
                                Campbell, CA 
Type:                       Mexican/seafood

Popular chomps:     fish tacos
                                fish burritos  

Chomp worthy:       nothing        

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