La Ciudad De Mexico

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La Ciudad De Mexico is such a cute, welcomed sight in the Richmond District of San Francisco.  The place is small enough to get a whiff of the delicious smell of grilling.  As with all Mexico City spots, the must is the tortas.  Along with tortas, I was excited to see items with squash blossoms and even grilled cactus.   

Originally, I was going to just get the torta, but I couldn't walk away without tasting the squash blossom quesadilla.  Fresh tasting and delicious with a slightly charred tortilla. 

Possibly the best torta I've had in SF, although the torta at La Casita Chilanga (see post HERE) is still my best in the Bay.  There are two sizes- small and large, but the small size is more than enough for one person.  My go to torta is always the mother of all tortas - the cubano which is ham, pulled pork, chorizo, egg along with all the fixings of beans, mayo, onion, cheese, and avocado.  The bread here is soft and chewy and works with the sandwich.  It holds well even against all the hefty filling. 

Address:                   La Ciudad De Mexico
                                  200 6th Ave.
                                  San Francisco, CA 
Type:                         Mexican

Popular chomps:        torta

Chomp worthy:          torta cubano
                                   quesadilla squash flowers   

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