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I love me some bread and all things breadlike. Asian type breads, even better.  Honeyberry is a pretty popular Asian dessert chain all over the South Bay.  Along with specialty coffees, Honeyberry serves frozen yogurt, gelatos, and shaved ice.

But they are most known for their roti buns.  Freshly baked every 15 minutes and even warmed up for you if asked, these round bundles of bread are worth the hype.  They are so well loved that most people buy them by the half dozen and dozen.

The plain roti has a sweet taste with a fluffy, airy center.  The outside part is what makes this tasty treat.  It has a slightly crunchy top that is noticeably messy to eat.  Its somewhat similar to a Chinese pineapple bun (see post HERE).

The chocolate butter roti bun is my favorite of the three.  Made with the same base as the plain roti bun, but sweet buttery custard inside oozes out once you hit the center.  I wish there was a bit more creamy center.   Tiny chocolate chips are speckled around the top of the crunchy top.

The yogurt roti bun is similar to the chocolate bun, but it has yogurt chips on the top and a cream cheese flavored custard center.

Address:                   HoneyBerry
                                  3488 El Camino Real
                                  Santa Clara, CA
Type:                         Asian/dessert

Popular chomps:       roti bun
                                  shaved ice

Chomp worthy:         roti bun     

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