Butter & Zeus Waffle Sandwiches

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Every once in a while I come across food mashup that I wish I thought of.  Butter & Zeus waffle sandwiches is one of them. 

Ham and cheese waffle with thin slices of ham along with a melted cheese.  All the waffles they use here are the same.  You can even buy just the waffle.  The waffle has a slightly sweet and buttery flavor with a crisp exterior and a fluffy interior.

 Usually, I'm not a fan of waffle fries, but these fries are crispy and seasoned well and still maintains the potatoey inside.
The barbacoa pork waffle is topped with coleslaw.  Shredded pork with more sweet flavor than a spicy, smokey flavor.

Barbacoa shredded pork topped on the waffle cut fries. 

Of course, I have to get fried chicken and waffles.  The juicy chicken has a lightly fried batter, but I wish it had a little more flavor.  No worries, they provide several types of hot sauce (Crystal!) and syrup.  I highly recommend adding both.

The portions here are great.  It's just enough to keep you satisfied, but still gives you some room to taste dessert.  Banana cream pudding served up in a cup, but enough for a couple people to share.
Address:                  Butter & Zeus Waffle Sandwich
                                 2213 Tasman Dr.
                                 Santa Clara, CA
Type:                        American

Popular chomps:      chicken and waffles
                                  waffle fries
                                  smoked salmon waffles
                                  pesto, eggs, and ham waffle
                                  banana pudding waffle

Chomp worthy:         chicken and waffles
                                   waffle fries

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