Tani's Kitchen

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I've eaten at almost all the known Japanese curry spots in the city:  Muracci's (see post HERE), Volcano curry (see post HERE),Kare-Ken (see post HERE), and Delica with Muracci's being my absolute favorite.  Tani's Kitchen is a favorite amongst people living on the outer areas of the city so I had to check it out to complete my list.   First of all, this place is very, very small and very, very popular.  Its best to order to go, but even then the wait time is quite long.  

Besides the curries and donburis, the tamago is a must order item.  Totally hype worthy, these fluffy tamagos are some of the best I've had in the city.  I never used to give this sushi a second look, but after a trip to Japan, it opened my eyes to how amazingly delicious tamago can be if done right.  Soft with a creamy and spongy texture, this egg sushi oozes just the right amount of sweetness.

Its hard to say why people like the curry from this place, especially when there are some good spots to choose from.  The karaage (fried chicken) was burnt and I actually stopped eating it halfway, which is a rarity for me when it comes to fried food.  The curry was just your standard Japanese box curry with an absence of vegetables, but made much too salty.  No heat either. 

One look at the tonkatsu curry I hoped that the extra dark crust was only aesthetically burnt looking, but it was hard and dry.  The meat inside was dry and overcooked.  The curry only added to the saltiness of the dish. There was a noticeable absence of the red pickle ( fukujinzuke).

Address:               Tani's Kitchen
                              32 Park Plz Dr.
                              Daly City, CA 
Type:                     Japanese

Popular chomps:   tamago sushi
                               spicy hamburger steak
                               karaage curry
                               chicken karaage donburi

Chomp worthy:      tamago sushi

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