Ricky's Fish Tacos

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My first food stop on this LA trip was finding this fish taco spot.  I can't really say that before this I've had a life changing fish taco.  In the Bay Area my #1 fish taco spot is The Taco Shop at Underdog's (see post HERE), which is beyond amazing, but the fish tacos at Ricky's far exceeds it.  It's been a couple days and I'm still thinking about their fish taco!
  Pitched under a couple of tents, they fry up some might fine fish, lobster, and shrimp here.  Its set up almost in the middle of a driveway so it can be easily missed from the street.  Parking is somewhat of a horror and surprisingly its one of the few spots in LA that there is no valet, yet.  I suggest going when they first open, which is around noon.  I arrived a little after and still had to endure a decent wait time.            
At almost 30+ minute wait for your order, the 90 degree heat definitely tested my bay area born and bred I-can-only-surive-between-65-and-80-degrees self. 
Ricky's only serves three things here:  fish taco, lobster taco, and shrimp taco.  I almost prefer food spots this way, where they focus on a couple of things and make them well.  At first glance, I was a little uneasy that the batter on the fish was really thick, but braced myself that I had to get something for sustaining through this LA heat.
Usually I'm not one for sauces on my tacos.  A squirt of lime and I'm good to go, but they don't offer limes here.  Instead, they give you the option of four types of sauces.  From right;clockwise: creme fresca (which is more like a mayo + sour cream), spicy, medium, and mild.  I actually individually tasted all of them before I put any on my tacos.  All of them were so delicious that I added all of them to my tacos, which is unheard of for me.  The sauces here were super flavorful with a good peppery kick.  Even better than La Vic's orange sauce.  I would almost say that the sauces might even be better than the tacos itself, but the tacos were fantastic as well.  The sauces just heightened the already phenomenal tacos.
After being dressed with cabbage, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions, both the lobster and fish taco look almost the same, but the taste is completely different.  The fish taco is made of a flaky white fish that has a mild, but fresh taste.  The batter was seasoned well, but not too overpowering that it covered the fresh taste of the fish.  Even though the lobster taco was delicious, I think the fish taco was my favorite of the two.

In hindsight I should have gotten the shrimp taco too, but I was saving room for other eats I had planned for the day.  The lobster was sweet and succulent, but I think I preferred my lobster without batter and not deep fried, especially at $8 for one, I need the taste to last a little longer.

Address:               Ricky's Fish Tacos
                              1400 N. Virgil Ave.
                              Los Angeles, CA
Type:                     Mexican/seafood

Popular chomps:   fish taco
                               lobster taco
                               shrimp taco

Chomp worthy:      fish taco
                               lobster taco          

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