Genki Crepes

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First of all, the parking in this area is horrendous, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, so when I'm in this area I try to hit up a couple food stops to make it worth the fight for parking.  Genki is one of those dessert spots that are pretty awesome for that late night sweet craving since its open till 11:30 on weekdays and 12:30a on weekends.  Not only do they sell made to order crepes, they're also a grocery store that sell small Japanese candies and knick knack items that are fun to browse through while waiting for your crepe.
Genki sells both savory and sweet crepes and both types are popular here.  For those days you are feeling especially gluttonous, they have crepes with whole slices of cheesecake wrapped in.
I'm a simple kind of girl when it comes to sweets and I don't need anything special to make me happy.  Just nutella with some fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream please.  The nutella is drizzled all over the inside of the crepe then stuffed with all things sweet.  The crepe is cracker crisp with a sweet finish.  It hit the spot on one of the last warm weekends of the summer.

Address:               Genki Crepes
                              330 Clement St.
                              San Francisco, CA
Type:                     dessert/Asian     

Popular chomps:   nutella crepes
Chomp worthy:     sweet crepes         

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