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Only a couple more weeks left of summer to enjoy some scoops of ice cream (although, I'm a huge fan of ice cream in the cold weather).  This is probably the second time I've been to Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous, the first time being a couple weeks after opening.  Since then the popularity of this ice cream shop in the Dogpatch has grown considerably.  Considering there isn't too much in the area (Serpentine and The Hard Knox are across the street), the line trickled all the way outside the shop.  It falls between the the slightly twist on the traditional (Bi-Rite- see post HERE) and the extremely funky (Humphrey Slocombe - see post HERE)

They make around 10 flavors daily and switch them up pretty frequently.  I didn't recognize any of the flavors from my first visit.  They have handmade waffle cones here, but when I arrived (2 hours before closing) they were already sold out!

Not your average strawberry ice cream, the strawberry Quick (yes, the one with the rabbit) was a flashback to my childhood.  It tastes exactly like strawberry quick.  Genius and delicious!

Just for size comparison, this is the junior size, which I found to be a satisfying size.  Whats ice cream without a liquor flavored ice cream.  Fernet! I'm a huge fan of the drink, but this ice cream was disappointingly flavorless.  It didn't taste anything like the herby concoction.  
San Francisco arguably has some of the best options for ice cream.  Although, Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous was deliciously creamy, I still prefer Bi-Rite.  The texture is just a little more creamy there and the salted caramel is too hard to resist.

Address:                Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
                               699 22nd St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                     ice cream/dessert

Popular chomps:   birthday cake
                               peanut butter brittle cookie
                               chocolate chip cookie
                               chicory coffee
                               pink squirrel  

Chomp worthy:      strawberry quick ice cream          

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