Best Fish Taco in Ensenada (BFTIE)

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Still with the taste of delicious fish tacos on my lips and on my mind, I proceeded down the street to check out Ricky's competitor -Best Fish Taco In Ensenada.  Somewhat of a cocky name, this place had an even simpler menu than Ricky's.  They only serve three things here - fish taco, shrimp taco, and drinks.
The tacos are fried to order, but even so they didn't look so appetizing from this side of the counter. 
The fish tacos here come as plain as you can get.  Just a fried piece of fish (or shrimp) on top of a tortilla.  You dress it up yourself along with adding your own shredded cabbage.  A multiple number of salsa selections are laid out, but it didn't look too fresh.
I got both tacos: fish and shrimp.  The tacos are made with a limp tortilla and the batter is seasoned almost to the point where you can't taste anything else. 
The fish tacos are flaky and fresh, but it lacks any type of flavor explosion that Ricky's tacos had.  Even with the salsa and the creme fresca added to it, this taco still paled in comparison to Ricky's, especially when the memory was so fresh on my tastebuds.
Same thing goes with the shrimp tacos here - It's not even worth the less than 5 minute walk from Ricky's to even try it.  The batter is too salty and the shell of the batter just flakes off while eating.  If anything, these tacos makes you want to run back to Ricky's and get more tacos.

Address:                  Best Fish Taco In Ensenada
                                 1650 Hillhurst Ave.
                                 Los Angeles, CA 
Type:                        Mexican/seafood

Popular chomps:      fish taco
                                 shrimp taco                      

Chomp worthy:        nothing        

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