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I've pretty much missed out on Top Chef Alum Ryan Scott's 3-Sum Eats truck (he's discontinuing them), so I hoped to try his next best thing - his newly opened Market & Rye sandwich shop.  He just recently opened a second location in Potrero Hill in addition to the original West Portal location.  However, the Potrero Hill location is only open Monday through Fridays. 
The sandwich shop is small and quaint.  The plentiful sunlight gives a nice environment when devouring the fresh tasting food.
Market & Rye serves up some seasonal already made salads.  You can pick one for $3.5, two for $7, or three for $10.  I chose the brussel sprout salad and a scoop of the grilled peach salad.  Grilled brussel sprouts were mixed with spicy chilis, and Parmesan dressing.  The grilled peach salad had huge slices of nicely charred peaches, charred onions, bacon, and arugula mixed with roasted shallot-buttermilk dressing.  The brussel sprout salad was my favorite of the two with crunchy brussel sprouts.  I only wished the chilis were cut a little smaller.  The slices from the peach salad were a little too big and the dressing was a little too creamy for my taste.
Originally, I came here in hopes of getting the famous fried chicken sandwich, but unfortunately its only at the Potrero Hill location.  Only till after I visited the West Portal location did I realize the menu at the Portrero location has different and more interesting items.
   One of the interesting items at the West Portal location was the chicken salad with Doritos Ranch chips.  A layer of avocado spread on your choice of bread (rye, sourdough, foccacia or whole wheat)- this one is sourdough- along with a thin layer of chicken salad, a slice of pepperjack cheese, iceburg lettuce, and Doritos Cool Ranch chips.  I really wanted to like this sandwich, but there wasn't much chicken salad in the sandwich and there was way too much mayo for me.  Also, the pepperjack didn't seem like it was even pepperjack.  It was more mild in flavor and I thought it was provolone.  The layer of Cool Ranch Doritos was a nice touch, but the crispiness of that plus the thick layers of iceburg lettuce made the sandwich too crunchy. 

The reuben chicken meatball had 1000 Island dressing, sauerkraut, red cabbage slaw, and swiss cheese.  The sandwich needed some extra oomph and seemed a bit too mild.  Again, the mayo seems to be a little heavy handed at this place. 

Address:                 Market & Rye
                                68 W. Portal Ave.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       American/sandwich

Popular chomps:     reuben meatball sandwich
                                brussel sprout salad
                                truffled egg salad sandwich
                                rootbeer float twinkies
                                cornflake crusted chicken sandwich
                                chicken salad sandwich with Doritos ranch chips      

Chomp worthy:       brussel sprout salad        

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