Reveille Coffee

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Reveille Coffee is a minimalistic in a bright open space on a random corner situated between Chinatown and North Beach.  Its an awesome place to have delicious coffee and people watch.

I think I found the most perfect food on sliced bread -fried egg with a generous amount of sliced avocado.  Fresh, runny with a bit of crunch.  I think all the necessities have been checked off with this dish. 

I thought nothing could get better than Outerland's Eggs in Jail (see post HERE) until I saw Reveille Coffee's egg sandwich with bacon.  The top layer of the sandwich is essentially Eggs in Jail with one egg.  Inside the sandwich is layered with crispy bacon, cheese, and kale.  The only dilemma I faced was how to eat this.  Utensils are given so you can cut pieces of the sandwich, but its best to get dirty with it and bite into like a regular sandwich.

The only way to make the sandwiches even more tasty - with two of my favorite hot sauces:  sriracha and crystal.  Other hot sauces are available here as well.
Address:                  Reveille Coffee
                                 200 Columbus Ave.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                       coffee

Popular chomps:      egg sandwich with bacon

Chomp worthy:         egg sandwich with bacon
                                  avocado with fried egg       

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