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With many pizzerias (Delfina see post HERE; Beretta, etc  ) within walking distance, sometimes its hard to distinguish one pizza place from the next.  First thing you notice while seated here is how quiet this place is.  Owned and staffed by deaf servers, its definitely a different SF dining experience.  Having been exposed to this environment my whole life, it wasn't anything new to me.  The servers are friendly and very attentive, just make sure you look at them when you speak so they can read your lips clearly.  There is a some paper and pencil on each table, just in case. 

In a city where an average meal is at least $100, I almost forgot what its like to have a bargain meal.  Mozzeria serves dishes a la carte, but on Tues and Weds, they serve up a pre fixe meal.  The $39 Tues meal includes a choice of 2 small plates, 1 pizza, 1 pasta, and 1 dessert.

I can never say no to a ball of burrata.  For a special menu dinner, this one was quite generous in portion size.  Not as soft and fluffy on the inside as I would have hoped, but it still hit the spot, especially with the chili jam.  It gave a nice kick to the subtle dish.

Crispy balls of goodness sums of what aracinis are.  Deep fried balls of gooey rice and cheese with a nice crispy crust.

My first choice of the  bucatini wasn't available so I had to default to the gnocchi.  Covered in bolognese and fennel with a giant dollop of ricotta on the side, this was not my favorite dish.  The balls of dough were on the heavy and dense side.

The pizza here is definitely the star of this meal.  Super, super thin (possibly the thinnest slice, I've seen in SF) with a nice charred, blistered crust.  Its just a slice that bursts with amazing flavor, from the tomato sauce to the crust.  This pizza is some of the best pizza in SF, second only to Pizzeria Delfina.

The dessert of the day was the bombolino.  They are fried doughnuts filled with lemon curd and rolled cinnamon sugar.  Fluffy and delicious. 

Address:                    Mozzeria
                                   3228 16th St.
                                   San Francisco, CA
Type:                          pizza

Popular chomps:        margherita pizza

Chomp worthy:           margherita pizza   

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