La Tapatia Mexicatessen

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I'm rarely on this side of the woods, but a semitrustworthy burrito source told me that I had to visit this spot.  It's a good sign when everyone walking out had a burrito in hand. 

The inside reminds me of my favorite burrito spot - La Palma (see post HERE).  Part grocery store and part taqueria,  it sells all the good stuff. 

The super burrito comes with all the fixings.  Although they do add lettuce, which I did not like.  The pieces of chicharones are cut in big chunks on the spot before being rolled into the burrito.  The chicharones are flavorful with just the right amount of fattiness and crispiness, even better than La Palma's.  It doesn't have La Palma's freshly made fluffy tortilla, but their spicy salsa and excellent chicharones make it worth the trip outside the city.   

Address:                  La Tapatia Mexicatessen
Type:                        burrito/Mexican

Popular chomps:      chicharones burrito
                                  carne asada burrito
                                  carnitas burrito

Chomp worthy:         chicharrones burrito     

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