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It hard to find a good Vietnamese sandwich in the city, much less in Downtown.  A short hike into Chinatown led me to Munchboxx.  They sell American sandwiches as well as Vietnamese sandwiches, but I was here for the Vietnamese sandwiches.  At almost $6 a sandwich, they are on the pricey side by Vietnamese sandwich standards, but average for what you can find in the Downtown. 

Although the sandwiches are pricey, they are fully stuffed to the brim and quite heavy.

A couple odd things I did notice about these sandwiches.  First of all its stuffed with lettuce as if it was an American sandwich.  Not a big fan of this, but it wasn't as distracting as I expected.  Also, the bread is not typical type Vietnamese sandwich bread.  The exterior looks like a blistered cracker, but it serves the insides of the sandwich well.  Its light and the inside is hollowed out so its more of a shell than a sandwich bread.

The combo sandwich is layered with pate, ham, and headcheese.  The veggies are pickled and crunchy with spicy jalapenos.  A good flavor and a surprising lunchtime find.  I found the combo sandwich to be much better than the chicken and pork sandwich.
There is an option for either bbq pork or 5 spice chicken.  If you can't decide, they have a half and half.  While both the chicken and pork combo has a decent amount of large juicy pieces, the flavor wasn't very strong.
Address:                MunchBoxx
                               643 Clay St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                     Vietnamese/Sandwiches

Popular chomps:   cranberry turkey
                               Vietnamese sandwich

Chomp worthy:      Vietnamese combo sandwich        

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