Phat Tri

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Walking into this banh mi spot, it smells like heaven.  The smell of their freshly baked bread wafting the air makes me a little giddy.

Besides sandwiches, Phat Tri sells up the normal Vietnamese goods like canned pate, shredded pork, and etc.  The menu carries the standard Vietnamese banh mis, but surprisingly they offer up fried egg sandwiches!  A rarity in San Jose and one of my favorites.

First of all, the sandwiches are giant here.  So giant that the sandwiches are served cut in half and half of one of these is still larger than a normal banh mi.  When your number is called up and you grab your bag of sandwiches and you notice that it seems like 2x more sandwiches that you originally order, take note it really is THAT much food.   Makes me a little happy to know that you can still get a $2 banh mi (although, the OG $1 banh mis would be so nostalgic)!    
The Dac Biet (special combination) and my go to banh mi was disappointing here.  The bread was so soggy and bland.  Also, the vegetables weren't pickled at all and the jalapeno wasn't spicy.  The best thing about the sandwich was the butter - pretty flavorful stuff and they don't skimp.

The bbq pork banh mi was tender, but not very flavorful.  No sweet aftertaste and the most disappointing thing of all was the fried egg I added on ($1 extra) was shoved into the end of the sandwich.  Not even a real fried egg, it was a weird scrambled, folded up omelets-type egg.  Nice things don't always come in big packages.

Address:               Phat Tri
                              1210 Story Rd.
                              San Jose, CA
Type:                     Vietnamese/sandwich

Popular chomps:   Dac Biet
Chomp worthy:     nothing         

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