Da Lat Restaurant

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I'm still on the search for that perfect bowl of Hu Tieu noodles.  Another attempt in San Jose led me to Da Lat restaurant.  The menu is pretty large, but only two dishes populated every table - the fried chicken dish and the Hu Tieu (dry).

The Hu Tieu sauce comes on the side so you can add as much or as little as you like.
Looking for Hu Tieu on this menu is confusing!  As with most Vietnamese restaurants, the English translation doesn't help much.  They were kind enough to point me to the #47, which is rice noodles with a crab claw and prawns.  There are 2 other types of Hu Tieu on the menu:  #45 is the same with clear noodles, #49 comes without crab, regular shrimp and egg noodles, which is the same version as the one at Nam Vang (see post HERE).  Of course, you can get Hu Tieu  as a soup, but the dry (kho) version with the soup on the side is the preferred method of eating this dish.
The Hu Tieu here is fantastic.  The seafood is fresh and the dish really hits the spot.  Also, they have fried chinese donuts (yau tieu) here.
Toppings for Hu Tieu here are jalapenos, limes, and beansprouts.  I like to add jalapenos to my soup for an extra kick.

The soup is your standard broth with a light, satisfying taste.

Address:                  Dalat Restaurant
                                 408 E. William St.
                                 San Jose, CA
 Type:                       Vietnamese/soup

Popular chomps:       Hu Tieu (dry) - #47
                                   fried chicken rice plate

Chomp worthy:         Hu Tieu (dry)- #47      

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