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I've been to the brunch at Bar Tartine pre-Nicolaus Balla era and it was pretty awesome.  With what seems like a new restaurant opening on Valencia every day, it was hard to find time to come back.  I'm no stranger to their magnificent freshly baked breads from Tartine Bakery (see post HERE), so the thought of eating freshly made sandwiches on their luscious bread needed no persuasion.  Unfortunately, their sandwich hours (Weds-Fri 11a-3p) takes some MacGyver moves in my work schedule.

Walking into the restaurant turned sandwich shop, you can order to go or place an order and sit at one of their tables and have the food brought over to you. I thought it would be crowded, but it was relaxingly peaceful and a nice place to enjoy lunch if I was that lucky.

Corned beef reuben sandwich on rye pan loaf at Bar Tartine Sandwich Shop-  2013 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
I rarely order ruebens so its hard for me to fairly judge it, but the sandwich was hearty and meaty on their rye pan loaf.  A little too greasy for me, but the corned beef is flavorful.  Doubt I'd order this again, but I can now cross one more item off that 7x7 list.

I didn't plan on ordering another sandwich besides the reuben, but the egg salad, avocado, grilled onion sandwich caught my eye.  My eyes naturally draw attention to anything avocado.  First of all, I highly recommend cutting (carefully!)  this sandwich in half.  Its one of those sandwiches that one bite and everything would gush out and the disappointment would ruin how great this sandwich is.  Its not the ordinary egg salad.  The egg salad is custard and creamy, almost like it was poached or something.  I can't figure out how they got the consistency to be so smooth and creamy.  However they did it, its absolutely delicious.  I don't normally like to order things I can make at home, but this egg salad is far from anything I could conjure up.  Large chunks of avocado are oddly misplaced in the sandwich and slip all over the place so its hard to get a good bite of everything, but it works well with the egg salad.  Much better than their popular reuben, I think.

Address:                   Bar Tartine

                                  561 Valencia St.
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         sandwich

Popular chomps:       reuben
Chomp worthy:          egg sandwich      

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