Nieves Cinco de Mayo

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So it may not be Humphrey Slocombe or Bi-Rite ice cream, but Nieves Cinco de Mayo scoops up some odd and exotic flavors of its own.  They serve mostly Mexican flavors like hibiscus, tamarind, dragon fruit, corn, and even cheese!

While its no creamy, smooth Bi-Rite ice cream, but Nieves Cinco de Mayo is nothing to scoff at.  Their elote (corn) flavored ice cream may sound a bit odd, but its simple sweet taste gives your taste buds an eye opening experience. 

Address:                  Nieves Cinco de Mayo
                                 Fruitvale Public Market
                                 3340 E 12th St. Ste.2
                                 Oakland, CA
Type:                        ice cream/Mexican

Popular chomps:      cheese ice cream
                                  corn (elote) ice cream   

Chomp worthy:         corn (elote) ice cream      

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