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Grubstake is one of those popular late night eating spots that are up there with El Farolito.  Its so popular that if you don't get here before 1a, be prepared to wait outside behind a red velvet rope.
Grubstake is diner food with a Portuguese twist so you can have your burgers and Portuguese sausage. 

Almost like an alternative to pho, the caldo verde soup is soothing and a seemingly preemptive cure for any aftermath from a late night session.  The soup is named after its green color, which is made green by shredded kale.  Potatoes and onions give this soup a slightly creamy texture. Spoonfuls of this less guilty late night treat are made a tad bit naughty by the spicy Portuguese sausage. 

Sometimes your stomach just yearns for something greasy and salty during the late night hours.  The bacon burger comes in a variety of different ways.  The Nugget comes with a fried egg, which I think makes any burger better.  Unfortunately, this one didn't come with any deliciously runny yolk.  Not sure why this burger is so popular here, its juicy, but the meat needs some seasoning.  If I'm looking for a late night burger, I think Sam's is better (see post HERE).  The onion rings, on the other hand, were pretty good.  They were juicy, sweet, and didn't fall apart.   

Address:                 Grubstake
                                1525 Pine St.
                                San Francisco, CA 

Type:                       burgers/diner/Portuguese 

Popular chomps:     burger
                                caldo verde soup
Chomp worthy:       caldo verde soup       

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