Creperie Saint Germain

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I practically lived on crepes when I was visiting Paris years ago so I was a little intrigued by this creperie named by the same neighborhood that I stayed in.

I usually prefer my crepes on the sweet side versus the savory options, but trying to be diligent about getting healthy lunchtime meals I went for the savory.  Unfortunately, you can't customize your crepe so I went for the fresh spinach, goat cheese, egg, fresh jalapeno, and roasted peppers.  I was pretty disappointed with this.  The crepes is too thick and the ingredients didn't work well with each other at all.  The jalapeno wasn't spicy and the egg tasted bland.  I should have went with the dessert ones...

Address:                Creperie Saint Germain
                               222 Second St.
                               San Francisco, CA

Type:                      French

Popular chomps:    sweet crepes
Chomp worthy:      nothing     

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