Little Vietnam Cafe

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Always looking out for the perfect banh mi, especially one in the city so I don't have to cross the bridge for my #1 place - Banh Mi Ba Le (see post HERE). 

Little Vietnam Cafe sells a little bit of everything from banh mi, soups, salads, spring rolls, rice plates, and vermicelli plates.

A display of freshly made spring rolls.

Usually  I don't care too much about prices on food as long as it tastes good, but at almost $5 for a banh mi in an Asian area of the city was a little disturbing.  The lemongrass pork banh mi didn't have much lemongrass flavor or juicy meat.  Disappointing.

After a bite of the pork banh mi, I wasn't expecting much from the combination sandwich.  The bread is too dense and dry.  Combined with the flavorless meats and the too sweet pickled vegetables on this sandwich is starting to make me think that a good banh mi in the city is hard to find.

Although the sandwiches were fairly disappointing, the spring rolls were delish,  Just the right amount of chewiness to the rice paper combined with fresh shrimp and vegetables made the spring rolls here a winner.

Address:                     Little Vietnam Cafe
                                  309 6th Ave
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                          Vietnamese/soup

Popular chomps:         lemongrass pork banh mi
                                   pork banh mi   
                                   tofu banh mi 

Chomp worthy:           spring rolls      

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