Uncle Boy's

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If you are Filipino or know a lot of Filipino, the name of this place is pretty funny.  Its a little bit of a trek than the usual late night food, but its open till 3A.  Its one of the only late night burger options out this way except for Jack in the Box.

Even though its not super crowded like El Farolito, the food does take a while to arrive in your hands.

The sides options include:  fried mozzarella, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, and french fries.  The mozzarella sticks are really cheese.  They are served extra hot with gooey cheese and a nice fried exterior. 

The sauces are self serve: (from top;clockwise) pesto mayo, chipotle, marinara sauce.  All the sauces were pretty tasty.

The fried zucchini seemed to be one of the more popular side options.  These disks of fresh cut zucchini were extra hot inside and fried nicely.  Every bite was a challenge in keeping the zucchini from slipping out.

The lightly seasoned fries were crisp, but nothing special.

The burgers here remind me of an Ike's sandwich, but with a burger instead of a sandwich.  The word "spicy" caught my eye when glancing over the ingredients of the Hot Mess burger.  Two strips of bacon folded over, cheddar, 1 beef patty, onion, tomato, lettuce, jalapenos, and their hot mess sauce.  I was hoping for something more hot and messy.  I got neither.  Its a decent burger and at this time of the night its a nice option, but not sure if I'd travel all this way if I wasn't in the area.  My late night taste buds sprefer Sam's (see post HERE) when I'm craving a burger. 

Mamma Mia is another funky twist on a burger.  Melted jack cheese over a beef patty, 3 mozzarella sticks (but the menu said there should be 4!), and marinara sauce.

Address:                 Uncle Boy's
                                245 Balboa St
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       burgers/American/Filipino/late night eats

Popular chomps:     mamma mia burger
                                 zucchini chips
                                 hot mess                                                             

Chomp worthy:        zucchini chips        

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