Uncle Benny's

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I had heard there was a place whose apple fritters were better than Bob's Donuts (see post HERE).  Since I absolutely adore the apple fritters at Bob's (I think they are the best in the city), I had to check it out to see if it was true. I did notice that almost every table had an apple fritter.

Similar to Bob's Donuts, these apple fritters were dark brown and almost burnt looking.  They didn't look the most appetizing, but having learned my lesson that looks are deceiving with the apple fritters at Bob's, I quickly moved passed that.  First of all, these fritters have a hard crust, just breaking one in half takes a good snap. 

The outer crust has a surprisingly crunchy texture with a slight burnt fried aftertaste (not necessarily a bad thing).  The inside of the fritter is fluffy and fresh.  I was a little disappointed there wasn't many apple chunks in this fritter.  Better than Bob's?  I still prefer Bob's and their chunks of apples mixed well in the fluffy insides.  The apple fritter at Uncle Benny's is still pretty good with a nice crispy texture just not very appley. 

Address:                 Uncle Benny's
                                2049 Irving St.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       donuts

Popular chomps:     apple fritter
                                 bagel sandwich

Chomp worthy:        apple fritter    

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