Lois the Pie Queen

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Lois the Pie Queen is a modest brunch spot that is an institution in the East Bay. 

Best known for their pies and brunch items, its satisfying comfort food.

It's always a good sign when you see Crystal hot sauce on a table in a place that serves fried chicken.  No tabasco ever for me, the tang that Crystal hot sauce has just cannot be replicated.
You can get the fried chicken plain or with a waffle on the side.  I like mine with a waffle.  The waffle here is thin with a sweet flavor.  Don't expect a crispy waffle here, these are more on the soft side.

The fried chicken is a must order here.  The lightly battered chicken has a crunchy shell and a juicy inside.  Every single bite of chicken is guaranteed to be juicy and moist.  A couple squirts of Crystal hot sauce is always a nice touch as well.

Another option with the fried chicken is with a side of grits and eggs.  I love the grits here.  They are really creamy with small bits of grainy texture.

The biscuits here are light and fluffy and served cut in half with a generous slather of butter in the middle.
The lemon ice box pie is on of the most popular pies here.  Served cold with a heap of whip cream, a bite of this tangy, sour citrus pie hits the spot. 

Address:                   Lois the Pie Queen
                                  851 60th St.
                                  Oakland, CA 
Type:                         Southern/Soul food/Brunch

Popular chomps:       fried chicken and waffles
                                  lemon icebox pie
                                  sweet potato pie
                                  salmon croquettes
                                  pork chops

Chomp worthy:         fried chicken and waffles
                                  lemon icebox pie

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