Farmerbrown's Little Skillet

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Little Skillet is Tenderloin's Farmerbrown take out window that serves up some delicious fried chicken in a SOMA alley.  After you order, you can enjoy your meal in the sunny dock with the hipster crowd.  If you can't make it down here for weekday lunch, they now serve up their fried chicken for lunch seven days a week.

Little Skillet offers up biscuits with a choice of butter & jam, bacon, egg, & cheese, or gravy.  I went for the simple version of biscuits with butter and jam.  The biscuits were hard and dense.  Pillsbury makes better ones than these!

Literally everyone here orders the fried chicken meal and occasionally you see the po'boy sandwich, but surprisingly no one I saw ordered the waffle dog.  A spicy beef sausage is grilled to perfection and served on top of a waffle and topped with a slice of bacon.  The sausage is the winner of this dish with a savory spicy taste that lingers well after you've chewed and swallowed.  The thick kettle type chips, that are sprinkled with cayenne sea salt, are slightly too salty after eating a couple chips, but I love the crisp that the thickness of the chip gives.

Fried chicken and waffles at Little Skillet- #95 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
You can order up to 8 pieces of chicken with a choice of either waffles or sides (ham hock greens, seasoned fries, potato salad, coleslaw, grits, waffles, fruit salad, garden salad, mac and cheese, or mashed potatoes).  The smallest fried chicken combo comes with two pieces of chicken, which is perfect for a lunchtime meal.  The chicken has a super crispy well seasoned crust.  Each bite of chicken is mouthwateringly juicy.  Its not Ad Hoc Fried chicken (see post HERE), but its a decent substitute when I don't want to trip out to Yountville.  Unfortunately, the waffles were soggy and the maple syrup was too sweet and tastes oddly like honey.

Address:                   Farmerbrown's Little Skillet
                                  360 Ritch St.
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         soul food

Popular chomps:       fried chicken and waffles
                                   catfish po'boy

Chomp worthy:          fried chicken
                                   waffle dog

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