My Canh

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Another exploration of late night non Mission eats led me to My Canh.  This tiny restaurant in the middle of Chinatown is popular with the after hours crowd.  

Raw beef doesn't exactly scream late night food, especially in a crowded, not so clean, restaurant in the middle of Chinatown.  The bo tai chanh here is fresh and delicious.  Not the most obvious after hours late night grub, but probably one of the best raw beef salads I've had.  The tangy lime juice with the crunch lettuce and raw onions wakes up your senses in a good way.  Also, its nice knowing you aren't going to regret eating some greasy food the next morning.

Another popular dish here is the banh canh cua.  Thick udon like noodles in a thick yellow broth seems like it would be soothing and satisfying after a long night out, but the noodles are soggy and mushy.  The one crab claw they give you is soggy and screams frozen and do not eat me in the most unfresh way. 

Address:                   My Canh
                                  626 Broadway
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         Vietnamese/soup/late night eats

Popular chomps:       bo tai chanh
                                   banh canh cua (crab noodle soup)
                                   bo tai chanh (sliced raw beef)

Chomp worthy:          bo tai chanh      

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