Wayfare Tavern

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Tyler Florence has graced us with his presence in San Francisco with Wayfare Tavern.  With all things fusion and innovative gastropub fare popping up all over the city, Wayfare Tavern gives us the classic American dishes done right. 

The popovers make a perfect carb filled start to the upcoming rich meal.  They are light and eggy and always remind me of the Chinese egg puffs without the sugar.

I'm getting so used to eating bone marrow from canoes rather than this presentation.  I find it harder to scoop out every piece of all the fatty goodness.  This bone marrow dish was a more garlicy take than I've had before.  I think there might have been some garlic butter on the toasted bread.  The only negative to this dish was the whole parsley salad, its too hard to spread.

Each piece of the fried chicken is juicy and tender.  Its breaded very lightly, but packs a lot of seasoning.

Mac and cheese is hard to resist ordering in any restaurant.  Although the top had a nice crisp crust, the mac and cheese itself was rather bland and unexciting.

There are a lot of other fancier things to get on the menu, but the burger here is really good.  Plus you can add an egg, which is always a plus.  They put a very nice runny egg here.  The yolk drips over any and every piece of the juicy, flavorful burger.  The herb flavored fries also deserve a mention.  Almost as addicting as Bouchon's (see post HERE), these fries have the perfect balance of crispy and salty.

Address:                   Wayfare Tavern
                                 558 Sacramento St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                         American

Popular chomps:        burger
                                  bone marrow
                                  fried chicken

Chomp worthy:          popovers
                                  bone marrow
                                  fried chicken

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