The Dog Pit

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Finally, I found a Japadog type place in the city!  This place reminds me of Batter Up (see post HERE) .  Similar vibe - a twist on a simple comfort food.

If something unique and crazy isn't your thing, they have the standard dogs and sausages too.

The Tokyo dog was a regular hot with wasabi aioli, shredded seaweed, and bonito flakes.  Even though it was served up on a regular hot dog bun, I was pleased to see that everything stayed intact until the end.  Also, the proportions of ingredients was well balanced. 

This is the first time I've seen pesto on a hot dog.  Its one of those toppings that makes you surprised you've never seen it on a hot dog or as a topping before.  Basically mimicking a pesto pizza with tomatoes, basil,  and baked with mozzarella cheese.  Pretty delicious stuff even though trying to scrape off the toasted bun from the foil seems a little challenging.  I ended up stuffing my face in the foil, which sometimes you have to do for good food.

So there is a Tokyo dog, a New York, and a Chicago, so of course there has to be a Seoul dog.  Kim chee, carrots, pickled daikon, and topped with korrake aioli, this dog was another amazing take on a hot dog.  Only wish these dogs were sausages instead of normal hot dogs.  I think it a heartier dog.  
Best twist on a dog that I've seen in the city so far, but it doesn't beat Doggy Style Hot Dogs (see post HERE) in Alameda.  But for those days when you are trying to save on toll or you are too lazy to drive across the bridge, it hits the spot.

Address:                  The Dog Pit
                                 1404 Taraval St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                        hot dogs/American

Popular chomps:      Chicago dog
                                 Tokyo dog
                                  bacon cheese dog
                                  chili cheese dog
                                  Seoul dog
                                  baked pesto dog 

Chomp worthy:         baked pesto dog
                                  Tokyo dog
                                  Seoul dog      

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